Interested in Joining the Team?

Lifeboat crews come from all walks of life. Today, only one in ten of our new recruits have a professional maritime background.

Imagine for a moment that you’re part of the team. It’s 2.30am on a freezing January morning and the pager’s just woken you from a deep sleep in a snug warm bed. You then head out to sea in complete darkness with freezing waves breaking around you. Gale force winds throw the lifeboat around like a toy. A person is missing overboard and you need to search for them.

And you want to volunteer for this?

You should be under no illusion, it takes a big commitment to be part of a lifeboat crew, new equipment and faster boats means that regular training programmes account for much of your spare time. You may also be asked to help show visitors around the station and assist with local fundraising and events which highlight the work of the RNLI after all all our funding comes from charitable donations…

To join you must:

  • Be aged between 17 and 50
  • Live or work within 5 minutes of the lifeboat station
  • Pass a probationary period that normally lasts one year
  • Pass a medical and eyesight test and be physically fit
  • Be a team player and accepted by the rest of the crew
  • Enjoy hard physical work

Crew members also need good personal skills. This means you need to:

  • Get on well with others
  • Communicate easily, that means talking and listening!
  • Obey orders when required to

Still interested? Please contact the station Lifeboat Operations Manager. Email us or call 01304 204280

Here’s a short clip on Volunteering with the RNLI

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